Hello!  My name is Laura Russ, and I am thrilled to be supporting our students at Rocklin Academy Gateway as an Enrichment Support Specialist!  It is a privilege to collaborate with talented educators who inspire students to excel academically by providing the tools and experiences needed to achieve their full potential.


I started my teaching career here in Rocklin where I taught first grade. In addition to teaching first grade, I had the opportunity to work with students in grades kindergarten through eighth as a teacher in the home school setting. This year marks my sixteenth year at Rocklin Academy, and my tenth at Rocklin Academy Gateway where I have proudly served as an Enrichment Support Specialist.


It is my great passion to engage students in learning that incorporates their background and interests. Together we create an environment where students feel safe, and are supported in the process of achieving their personal best. Working with students in this capacity, and helping them to establish a foundation of success, has been the most rewarding experience of my teaching career. I am looking forward to another wonderful year of learning and celebrations!