Student Orientation 7-8th

***  2021-2022 Student Orientation - Revised Date   ***
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Be sure the annually required forms have all been completed in PowerSchool prior to orientation time.
See First Day of School for instructions.


7th and 8th Grade Student and Family Virtual Orientation

Thursday, August 5th, 6:00 pm 

Join us virtually to learn specific information about 7th and 8th grade.




7th and 8th Grade On-Campus Schedule Pick Up and Tour

Monday, August 9th 

Students* may come at the times listed below to pick up schedules, find your classrooms, and pick-up a Chromebook if needed. 


*Following updated CDPH guidance, students will enter the building (with masks) through the gym doors to pick up schedules.   At this time, we are limiting non-essential visitors in the school building and as such we ask that parents drop off their students or wait in their vehicles while students partake in schedule pick-up and orientation.


Please come during your assigned time slot. Technology pick-up will be available for all new students. 

                  • 7th Grade Last Name A-H          1:30-2:00
                  • 7th Grade Last Name I-R            2:00-2:30
                  • 7th Grade Last Name S-Y and    2:30-3:00  
                  • 8th Grade Last Name A-H          2:30-3:00
                  • 8th Grade Last Name J-Y           3:00-3:30

Upon arrival, please follow traffic route 3 to drop students off at the back of the gym. Staff will verify that all required back to school forms have been completed, prior to your student receiving their schedule. Once your student receives their schedule, they may take 15-20 minutes to walk their schedule and meet their teachers. Administration and staff will be present to support students in finding their classrooms.  You may then pick them back up by the gym.


Missed Schedule Pick Up  - 7th & 8th Grade

Tuesday, August 10th 

1:00 - 3:00 pm

front office