Counseling Services

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Kate Denisevich, M.S.    
Middle School Counselor
Counseling Program
Our school is offering counseling services as an additional resource to help your student succeed in their academic and career goals, as well as support social and emotional growth throughout the school year. Our counseling program is based on the American School Counseling Association National Standards. Our counseling office works in collaboration with the parents, teachers, administration, and staff to foster student growth and development.

Counseling activities can include individual or group counseling, whole class presentations and observations. Many of these activities focus on helping students learn ways to build social skills, improve self-esteem and motivation, acquire career information, and learn ways to deal with problems and conflicts constructively.

Counseling sessions in a school setting are typically short-term in nature and focus on solutions to help your child succeed in all areas of their development. Your student may be referred to counseling by a teacher, staff member or by you as a parent/guardian.

You are welcome to call or email the counseling office if you have any questions or concerns.
Phone: (916) 778-4550 ext. 13218
Confidentiality and School Counseling

A critical part of the counseling relationship is the establishment and maintenance of a trusting and confidential relationship between the counselor and the student.

Parents/guardians have the legal right to the information about their child. However, we hope that parents/guardians will honor the student privilege of confidentiality and know that the counselor will always encourage a strong line of communication between the student and his/her parent(s)/guardians, teacher(s), and other stakeholders in the student’s life. The best interest of the student is the core focus of any interaction between the counselor and student.

All information shared during counseling sessions is confidential except when certain legal restrictions arise and confidentiality cannot be maintained. These cases include: (a) any form of child or elder abuse (neglect, emotional, physical, and/or sexual), (b) danger to one’s self (i.e., suicide, self-injurious behavior, eating disorder, drug or alcohol addiction, etc.), (c) danger to others (homicide, threat to injure someone, etc.), (d) court order.

School counseling is considered to be a regular educational service provided by the school. Parents/guardians have the right to refuse individual/group counseling services offered to their child. This may be done at any time through a written letter to the counselor.