Hello! I’m Chelsc Divinagracia and I am so excited to be a part of Rocklin Academy Gateway this year!
I grew up in the East Bay, in what was the small town of Brentwood. I was the oldest out of fourteen other kids in my court so I was always the one showing everyone the ropes. I was constantly teaching others, helping them, and watching them achieve milestones that I had helped them reach! Playing “school” and specifically being the teacher was one of my favorite things to do with my court friends growing up, and I feel so lucky I get to continue this passion daily as a career. I attended preschool through high school in Brentwood, and then came back to start my career as a teacher after attending CSU Chico for my BA in Liberal Studies and CSU Monterey for my teaching credential. I had the privilege of working across grade levels at three different schools, ending my time there teaching at the Elementary School I attended as a child!
Life has brought my family to the Sacramento area and we couldn’t be more thrilled. We love the small town feel we get from our new home, as it’s similar to how my husband and I grew up in Brentwood. My family is made up of my husband, Calvin, who I met in high school, and our nearly two-year old daughter, Sophie! We spend our days reading every book in the house to her at her request and playing anything and everything outside. We love exploring new mountain biking trails, being with friends, and doing anything that involves the rest of our family!
Teaching has been my natural passion ever since I could remember. I love the challenge of finding out how a student learns best, and using different strategies and tools to help them achieve their goals. One thing about me... I love my career and everything about it! I love the students, the positive environment we create together, the growth we see throughout the year in academics and our hearts, the mistakes, the life lessons learned, and everything in between! My 6 years total in Kindergarten and First Grade have prepared me for another year with some fabulous First Graders and I can’t wait to get the year started with my new students and their families!